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Elena Louvis announces "This One's On Me," a vulnerable testimony.

Marking her fourth single, "This One's On Me" is distinguishably Elena Louvis's most advanced song yet, a lingering confession of responsibility.

Elena Louvis, the New York-based musician, student, and record label executive announces her upcoming single, "This One's On Me," set to release on May 6th. Although it marks the fourth single in her discography, "This One's On Me" is unrecognizable from her earlier releases. The song contains references to sober themes like anxiety and self-deprecation, laying a heavy head on her previous pillow princess talk. In discussing the inspiration for her latest single, Elena details a time when she was forced to reconcile with unpleasant forces:

"I wrote this song during a time when I felt really alone. I had just come out of a depressive summer and was spending almost a month holed up in my small New York City apartment, isolating myself from friends and family. My piano basically became my therapist."

Although evidently serious, Elena Louvis does not let her lamenting overshadow the music's integrity. Utilizing a mature balance of emotion and technical skill, "This One's On Me" is littered with naunced elements as intangible as the message itself; hidden harmonies, subtle pads, and breathtaking strings support the main instrument-her vocals. In "This One's On Me," Elena takes inspiration from the vocal technique of artists like Billie Eilish, Finneas, and Norah Jones. Stacked and heavily panned vocals create a sonic atmosphere intended for solitary listening. And if the message wasn't apparent enough in the production, her hook brings the title setting to life,

I know it's not fair of me to put this pressure on you babe,

I know it's never made a difference to give you this responsibility,

So this one's on me.

As elements are added to the production throughout the song's evolution, Elena's objective becomes increasingly clear-in the beginning she's asking for forgiveness, but once the strings and harmonies come to a halting peak, she knows that forgiveness isn't what's needed, and she is confessing her own responsibility.


Knitting Factory

(Brooklyn, NY) November 28th, 2021


(Brooklyn, NY) December 8th, 2021

Arlene's Grocery (Upcoming)

(Manhattan NY) May 15th, 2022

Lewes, Delaware

30+ shows performed around Coastal Delaware since 2018


Artist Bio

Harmonies glazed in honey, incandescent vocals, and cinematic lyricism leave a tangible imprint on the music of Elena Louvis. The sultry-pop artist discovered her evocative approach to writing music during her rural upbringing in Delaware, where she found peace in the stagnant, self-reflective nature of the environment.


Her classical training on piano is grounded with these introspective practices, taking form in the acoustic instrumentation in songs like "This Feeling" (2021) and upcoming single "This One's On Me." In these songs we hear the rise and crash of waves in her piano lines, the bending of roads in her vocal stacks, and the youthful tears in her lyrics.


Although she is now based in New York City, Elena Louvis has found her signature creating captivating vocal recordings and evolving productions. While her earlier music featured tropes of lighthearted, bubblegum-pop, her new releases transcend a narrative of palpable innocence to create a more mature persona.



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